Race Results

Date          Race                          Result 
Nov           Ultraman World Championship  (3rd overall)

Date         Race                           Result 
Nov 23-25    Ultraman World Championship    23:06 (2nd overall)
April 28     Ironman Texas                  08:59

Date         Race                           Result
 Nov 24-26   Ultraman World Championship    22:18 (1st overall)

 Date        Race                           Result
 Feb 19-21   Ultraman Florida               23:22 (1st overall)
 Nov 25-27   Ultraman World Championship    23:18 (2nd overall)

 Date        Race                           Result
Oct 12th     Ironman World Championship     10:31
 Nov 16th    Ironman Arizona                9:19, KQ

 Date        Race                           Result
 April 6th   Ironman South Africa           9:50 3rd AG, KQ, 29th overall Race Report
 May 4th     Ironman 70.3 St Croix          4:55
 Oct 12th    Ironman World Championship     9:43
 Nov 16th    Ironman Arizona                9:11 (PR, 4th M35-39, KQ)

 Date        Race                           Result
 Feb 3rd     Kaiser Permanente 21k          1:21 (new PR)
 Mar 17th    Ironman Los Cabos              9:42 2nd in AG, 26th overall (new PR), KQ
 Sep 8       Big Kahuna Half IM             4:19 3rd overall (new PR)
 Oct 13      Ironman World Championship     9:40 74th in AG (new PR)

 Date        Race                           Result
 Jan 15th    Dischem 21k South Africa       01:29 (new PR)
 Feb 5th     Kaiser Permanente 21k          01:22 (new PR)
 Mar 31st    Ironman 70.3 Oceanside         04:46 Race Report
 May 5th     Wildflower Long Course         05:21
 May 19th    Horseshoe Lake Trail 21km      01:35 2nd overall
 Jun 24th    Ironman Coeur d'Alene          10:05 (new PR) Race Report
 Sep 3rd     Zombie Runner Vasona 21k       01:29 2nd overall
 Sep 9th     Big Kahuna (half iron)         04:23 1st AG, 5th overall (new PR)
 Nov 25th    Ironman Cozumel                DNF Race Report

Date         Race                           Result
 May 21      Horseshoe Lake Trail Marathon  03:56:08 1st overall (course record)
 July 10     Ironman Switzerland (140.6)    11:02:13
 July 30     Vineman (140.6)                10:18:48  17th overall (new PR)
 Sep 18      Challenge Henley (140.6)       10:28:02  41st overall
 Oct 23      Morgan Hill Marathon           03:06:37  1st in AG, 9th overall (new PR)

 Feb 21      Wokingham Half Marathon        1:32:42
 Jul 4       Steelman Triathlon             2:33:28
 Jun 5       Blenheim Triathlon             1:23:37
 Aug 8       London Triathlon               2:32:13
 Aug 22      Burnham Beeches Half           1:35:30
 Sep 25      XTT Off Road Triathlon         2:23:29
 Nov 6       Winter Ballbuster              3:15:29
 Nov 28      Florence Marathon              3:22:58

2 thoughts on “Race Results

  1. Hey Rob,

    I found you through the Horseshoe Trail Marathon site (I just registered for the marathon this year). Thought I might give your name a whirl in google and sure enough I found your very clean and crisp looking site.

    First of all I just wanted to say that reading through some of your posts has been inspiring (how you handled broken ribs/getting sick in mexico). I’m JUST getting into trail running after running a few marathons, and I’m really looking to become a more consistent runner. I’ve heard others say that putting in long hours training alone can often times feel selfish, but just know that reading your posts has put a little bit of fire under my ass. Keep up the good work.

    I also wanted to know your thoughts on the Horseshoe Trail run. What advice do you have in terms of pacing uphill vs downhill? Also, I’m sure everyone is different, but how did your 3:56 (COURSE RECORD!) time compare to your best marathon on a flat course?

    All the best!

    • Hi Andy – thanks for the kind comments! I’m glad my site has been helpful. In terms of pacing for horseshoe lake, the terrain changes all the time, so I paced myself according to heart rate. I know that my lactate threshold is around 170 bpm, so I aimed to stay below that as much as possible. There are a few short sharp hills where it goes a few beats over, but as soon as that happens I try to dial it back a bit. In terms of actual pace I was all over the place – maybe 07:30 – 07:45 up the hills, and under 6:00 on some of the gradual downhills. One thing to bear in mind is that you hit singletrack after about half a mile, so make sure you’re not behind slow people when you get there, otherwise you’re stuck for the next 2 miles or so. I usually place myself in the top 3-5 at that stage. It’s then a gradual hill on single track for almost a mile, then undulating until I think 3.5 miles, where you come across what I think must be one of the steepest hills ever! It’s something like a 28% grade! I just walk up there – running takes too much out of you for not much gain in speed. Once you’re up it’s undulating until the turnaround, where there is a refreshment table. I stopped quickly here to fill my water bottle. Then it’s back against the incoming runners, all the way back to the start, then repeat! It’s worth holding some energy back for the 2nd lap – it get’s pretty taxing. In the year I set the record, there was a guy just behind me so I was running for my life to get rid of him. I managed to gain 5 mins on him, but in the end it turned out he was doing the 50k 😉

      My best marathon that year was Morgan Hill marathon (rolling hills) which I did in 3:06. It was later that year so I was a little fitter. I was probably in about 3:10 shape when I did Horseshoe Lake.

      I hope that helps!

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