Pizza Day 6 – the salty truth

I have to be honest, I thought the pizza phase was going to be a lot more fun than it is. Maybe it’s because the burger and ice cream phases exceeded my expectations, I’m not sure.

Analyzing my totals, the thing that really stands out on the pizza phase is how high the sodium intake is.


The “recommended” level is about 2300mg per day and I’m getting in over 5000mg most days, so there is no doubt that there is some extra water retention cause by that.  I never really pay attention to sodium intake, so this project has for sure made me a lot more aware of that, and how much sodium is in these types of foods. By the way, I don’t add salt to anything, and I never take sodium when racing (most triathletes do, but it’s not needed). 

Anyway, I’m getting a bit tired of pizza so I’m highly motivated to lose this kg and move on to the next phase. However at this stage I’m not losing much on this phase (see my day 5 weigh-in I had lost zero, probably due to water retention from all that sodium!)

Workouts today were decent – a 9 mile treadmill run to start the day (with a few 1 mile pickups to 6:45 pace), a 90 minute ride after that, and then a short 1k swim followed by a 55 minute heat prep session in the sauna. In the evening I did a short 2.5 mile recovery run at a slow pace.

On the bike project side of things, I’m experimenting with some mountain bike components on the tri bike. There seems to be a rapid rate of innovation in the MTB world, so it’s fun to play around with what they have.  I’ll be trying out a 9-46 cassette on my 1X 56t chainring to see how that works. Hopefully I’ll get that done by the end of next week.


this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

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