Metabolic Testing

We are now able to offer a full metabolic profile including carbohydrate and fat usage at various intensities. As long as you have a power meter you can do this remotely. If you don’t have a power meter (you should get one!) we can help you find a local lab to run the tests and send us the data to analyze and build your race day fuel plan.  Contact me to set this up.

Endurance Metabolic Test $450 
The ironman metabolic test is used for calculating your nutrition needs for long distance racing. You will do the test across the range of effort that you will race at. The output of the test will tell you how many calories per hour you are burning at your race pace, and how many calories are coming from fat vs carbohydrate. That allows you to work out race nutrition and pacing plan that gives you the best chance of reaching that finish line before you encounter a glycogen deficit. In addition to the test, we do some work upfront to customize the test protocol exactly to your race effort. We’ll then spend some time analyzing your results in order to make some recommendations for race day fueling.