Ice Cream – Day 4 – weight is dropping too fast!

This may sound like an odd thing to say when dieting, but the weight is just coming off too quickly!!!

I’m meant to be eating ice cream between the weights of 77kg and 76kg, but by day 3 of ice cream I was tottering on the verge of dropping below 76kg.

My guess is that the burger diet was pretty heavy in sodium, which caused some water retention, now being obliterated by all the sodium-free ice cream. I can tell you it feels pretty strange to be losing weight while eating nothing but ice cream.

However, I’ve bought all this ice cream, so I need to hang in there for at least another day or so and keep the weight above 76kg. Psychologically, this has never happened to me on a diet before. I suppose that is one of the side effects of this project; you don’t want to lose weight too fast, otherwise you don’t get to try all those new ice creams you bought. And on the other hand, if your weight loss stalls, you could get sick of eating a certain food, so you become highly motivated to lose the weight and move on to the next food. I never thought about that when I started this, but it creates a completely new dimension to dieting efforts. 

Daily totals were high today, but I did a hard run, plus I wanted to get in some extra calories just to stabilize the weight loss a bit.
3658 calories
(445g carbs, 125g fat, 162g protein)


this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

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