Ice Cream Week 1

The first week of ice cream was a success. 6 lbs lost which is more than expected. No doubt much of that (like any diet at the beginning) was some water weight, since ice cream has very little sodium, and with the restricted calories there is probably not much glycogen actually being stored. So week 2 will be a better indication of progress.

The two best ice creams this week were the Denali Extreme Moose Tracks, and the Caramel Cone.


I feel quite good. Except for being hungry most of the time (actually a good sign you are losing weight), my workouts have gone well, and I haven’t felt undue fatigue during any of them. Training load is pretty light, with just 12 hours of training over the course of the week. I actually purposefully time the dieting with low training loads, because otherwise I find that I don’t have enough energy to train, and end up not losing weight despite a high potential calorie burn, because I have to eat more food to support the training.

So now it’s just about waiting out the week and seeing how much I lose in total for the ice cream phase!


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