I never choose a product just because the manufacturer gives it to me for free. Instead, I choose which products I want to use, and then work with the manufacturers on any sponsorship deal. So everything I use is my first choice!

Power meters

Power meters are really useful tools for measuring power output on the bike, allowing you to be very precise with training protocols, and offering a very measurable way to benchmark training and racing performance. They really offer a significant advantage in terms of training productivity and efficiency. Pedal based  power meters such as the Garmin Vector 3 or Garmin Rally are flexible in that you can transfer them over to any bike. Crank based power meters such as the SRAM Quarq are useful for when you just want to use the power meter on a single bike, and like to choose what pedals you use independently of the power meter. I have both setups, but if I were going to just buy one, it would be the pedal based system.


Endura is the most advanced aerodynamic clothing on the market. I use the Drag2Zero tri suit for triathlons and also Ultraman day 1 (where you swim/bike). I use the encapsulator suit for time trials and Ultraman day 2 (which is bike only). It’s a work of art and truly remarkable piece of kit!


I’m hesitant to mention iKOR because I really don’t want my competition to use it! iKOR has a series of CBD-based products that help me with general wellbeing as well as specific recovery. On a daily basis (usually at night) I take the regular CBD product, aptly named iKOR daily. This keeps general aches and pains at bay, and just keeps me functioning at a high level. It also aids in sleep which is of course a massive component of recovery. For specific issues (such as a sore muscle) I use the iKOR topical “Warming Relief” which helps to reduce pain and inflammation in a targeted area. And then the real game changer for me is the Recovery Shot. To really test this product, I went out and did a long run that would usually leave me sore for a few days, and I was amazed that I felt no pain at all in the following days. Nothing else that I’ve ever tried has given me that level of reduced inflammation. Of course, I would not use this during every session, because there are times when I want to have inflammation in order to trigger a training adaptation. But for key workouts and times when I really need to get big volume weeks in, this is an absolute must-have.


I discovered Sportea by accident, at the back of a dusty shelf in King Soopers. I was blown away by how great this product is.

I use the cold brew version for racing, and  I still can’t believe that it ‘s “decaf equivalent” – the feeling it gives me is like a very steady level of alertness, as if it was high grade, slow release caffeine. It tastes fantastic as well, a welcome departure from the mainstream energy drinks available. Special offer from them 15% off the First Time Customer 2 pack with code Gray1 (you can choose two of hot or cold versions or one of each) dimond-

My bike is equipped with an Ice Friction Chain – one of the cheapest ways to buy some extra speed.  The guys at Ice Friction have been super supportive of me, and have provided my chains for every race I’ve done since 2015.

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