I specialize in coaching athletes for long course endurance events (Ironman, Ultraman, Marathon, Endurance Cycling). Whether you are self-coached and just need occasional guidance, or in need of a fully customized plan, there is an option for you.

LevelCostWhat you get
Phone consult$250 one offSingle phone consult to discuss training, nutrition, race planning etc.
Metabolic Test for Race Day Fuel Plan$450 one offThis is a physiological analysis that will determine your individual fueling needs for racing. You can pay a local sports science lab to run the test using our protocol, or we can do a very good estimation remotely using predictive software. You will need a power meter for this.
Plan design only$750 one offPhysical baseline tests and one training plan that is handed over to you. (no ongoing coaching).
Self coached$100 per monthMonthly call to review training.
Basic coaching$305 per monthBasic plan with monthly adjustments.
1:1 coaching$550 per monthCustomized plan, adjusted weekly. Unlimited email communication. This is the plan to take if you want to get maximum benefit from your available time and resources.
Executive coaching$1500 per monthUnlimited communication and plan adjustments. Two full days in person 1:1 per year, in Boulder or anywhere in the continental USA. Includes options for lab testing, swim analysis, aerodynamic testing at velodrome or wind tunnel, equipment selection and optimization.

If you have any questions, get in touch to send me a message.

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