Burgers for race weight – day 4

Today was a good day, well except for leaving my swimming stuff at home when I went for a swim. But I just changed plans and did 1 hour of heat prep instead.


The burger today was a bacon avocado club from Smashburger. It was pretty tasty and actually seemed very healthy. Of all the burgers I’ve had so far during this project, it’s the one that looked and tasted the healthiest. The ingredients were all high quality and it just came across as wholesome. The Five Guys bacon cheeseburger is still #1 in terms of taste though. 

Total daily calories: 2839 (363g carbs, 111g fat, 79g protein). That protein is actually a bit light so I should have eaten a bit more. 

Dinner was the majority at 2121 calories (burger, fries, ginger beer, ice cream)


this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

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