Beer Day 3

Day 3 of beer was a little better than day 2. I delayed by beer until around 6:30pm, then had two big IPAs (22oz each). Alcohol content was over 9% so that made me feel, err, not so good. At least they were around 600 calories each, so I got in more beer calories than other beer days.

As expected, appetite spiked massively once the beer was consumed. I did eat, since I don’t seem to be able to consume more than about 1000 calories of beer, so I had some ice cream, chocolate, and chips. 


Beer Day 2 – a day at the zoo

It’s only day 2 of beer and I’m already over it… Tyler and I visited Denver zoo which was a good outing. See pic below of an appropriately themed tortoise made out of beer cans.

As you may imagine, a beer diet doesn’t lend itself to driving around, so I waited until we were back home at 3pm to have my first “meal”. That’s where the problem kicks in. I wasn’t really hungry before I had my first beer, but literally as soon as I had it, I became ravenous. I wanted to eat everything in sight. Coupled with the presence of alcohol and it’s willpower-reducing properties, this is not a great situation to be in. I tried another beer but as expected I just could not drink that much. Then, I wanted to still get a run in, so I went for a run after having 2 beers. That is not ideal either. 

All-in-all this meant I was having a miserable time. I was even so desperate to have something that was not beer, that I had 3 small slices of pizza (which 2 days ago I never wanted to see again).  I am now highly motivated to drop this kg so that I can move on from beer. In retrospect, it was a terrible decision to make beer a part of this project. I thought it might be fun. Maybe if I was a big beer drinker then it would be. But for me, beer should just be something that is consumed alongside something else, and for me never more than one or two.  

The eye-opening thing, though, is how fast beer/alcohol affects appetite and reduces self control. When I just have a beer in day-to-day life, it’s not noticeable at all. But when it’s all that you’re having it is EXTREMELY obvious. So that is another reason why alcohol will not form a part of my regular life after this. A glass of wine a few times a week works ok for me, but nothing much more than that.

Well, that’s it. Let’s see if I can drop this weight and move on ASAP. I am dreaming of donuts and cakes (which I have not had in maybe 10 years). Heck, even brussels sprouts sounds appealing right now!

Beer Day 1

Ok this was a little easier than I first thought. Basically I went the whole day until 4pm without eating (which was actually fine, I didn’t get hungry at all). I then went for a 1 hour ride, and surprisingly power was better than expected. I had some Isopure whey protein during the ride, and about 500ml of coke. I started “dinner” as soon as I got back home, which consisted of Kona Brewing Golden Ale for starters, Deschutes Inversion IPA for main course, and Lagunitas Brown Shugga for dessert.

I only made it about half way through the IPA before I felt full. As I’ve said before, I can’t really drink a lot of beer, and it showed in this dinner. I really had to force myself to drink this down. Since I was very low on calories, I supplemented with a hot dog and some tortilla chips, which although is not beer, still fits the criteria of “bad food”. 

For day 2, I’ll hopefully adapt a bit and be able to stick to beer only (as far as possible). If I keep this up with calories so low, I’ll be through this phase very fast!



Totals 2,058 calories 264g carbs 45g fat 90g protein

this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

Pizza Day 12 (final pizza day woooohoo!)

74.9kg – I thought the day would never come and I’d be eating pizza forever…!!!

But it did, final day of pizza is done, and now it’s onto the best/worst phase – beer! This is going to be tough for me since I don’t really drink a lot of beer. I’m reasonably sure that I can’t drink more than about 5 a day, which is less than 1500 calories. On the plus side, it will probably go quite fast… I really hope so, since I’ll be at a conference next week, and surviving on beer alone would be err… “interesting”. On the other hand, there is bound to be an abundance of beer at the event, so there is that. 

If you think about it, beer is basically liquid bread. So everything will be ok. Yeah right. 

To prepare for the next phase, I ended today with 3 beers at a cool spot called Rayback Collective here in Boulder, catching up with good friend Osman and Leah. By the way, if you want to move to Boulder, Osman is your man! He represented us during the home buying process and I can’t recommend him enough.

Totals 2,326 242 66 46

Pizza Day 11

Ok, today was kind of a scrappy day – so much stuff to do and no time at all to make a video. I felt a bit better today but slightly delirious . Like “flu-drunk” which does not involve any alcohol (very cost effective!).  From a food perspective, all I ate was pizza leftovers from the day before (a lot of them) and some meatballs (yes, that is a bit random). 

The bike 1X experiment continues. Below you can see a pic of the latest setup: 56t chainring with 11-46 rear cassette. That’s a larger cassette than most people’s small chainring! 


Totals 1,744 calories 203g carbs 69g fat 80g protein

Pizza Day 10 – we go home made

I’m finally turning the corner from the man-flu… at least I have full appetite back even if I’m totally non functional in most other respects.

The good news today was that some weight just suddenly dropped off, probably due to lower calories over the past few days. You can always find this tracker on the racing weight project page.

We made a few home made pizzas (using dough from Trader Joe’s which is excellent quality), and you really cannot believe the difference how much better they taste than even the very good frozen variety. 

Still no exercise at all today – not anywhere near getting to that stage of recovery yet. Maybe Friday at the earliest…

Daily Totals 2,053 calories 187g carbs 86g fat 129g protein


Pizza Day 9

Today I had 2 good ones. I still have the flu but getting some food in helped me to feel a bit better. Weight is still pretty much static, even though I can visibly see I’m a bit leaner. That’s the weird thing about the human body – you can look leaner, feel leaner and yet the actual weight is often a few days behind the visible changes. Given my lower calorie intake during the flu phase, there is no doubt that a bit of weight will drop off sometime this week.

Daily Totals



this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

Pizza Day 8 – and some Jello

The man flu was still strong today – I spent a lot of the day in bed with the exception of a few meetings which I did via Google Hangout (which, incidentally, is a really great option for remote and distributed teams). My appetite was pretty much non-existent so I made a big bowl of Jello to try and get some calories in. On the pizza front, it was a really good “pepperoni and roasted garlic flatbread”. Now, I’m not actually a huge fan of pepperoni, but this was actually very good. 

That was it for the day – some jello and a pizza. 



this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

Non Pizza Day 7 – Man Flu

Today ended up being “non pizza day 7” since I got struck down by man flu, the debilitating virus that only affects men and puts us pretty much on our deathbed. That meant no pizza at all unfortunately. All I could stomach was some coke, gummy worms and a bit of ice cream. 

That put me at only 1632 calories for the day (291g carbs, 29g fat, 68g protein)


this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods

Pizza Day 6 – the salty truth

I have to be honest, I thought the pizza phase was going to be a lot more fun than it is. Maybe it’s because the burger and ice cream phases exceeded my expectations, I’m not sure.

Analyzing my totals, the thing that really stands out on the pizza phase is how high the sodium intake is.


The “recommended” level is about 2300mg per day and I’m getting in over 5000mg most days, so there is no doubt that there is some extra water retention cause by that.  I never really pay attention to sodium intake, so this project has for sure made me a lot more aware of that, and how much sodium is in these types of foods. By the way, I don’t add salt to anything, and I never take sodium when racing (most triathletes do, but it’s not needed). 

Anyway, I’m getting a bit tired of pizza so I’m highly motivated to lose this kg and move on to the next phase. However at this stage I’m not losing much on this phase (see my day 5 weigh-in I had lost zero, probably due to water retention from all that sodium!)

Workouts today were decent – a 9 mile treadmill run to start the day (with a few 1 mile pickups to 6:45 pace), a 90 minute ride after that, and then a short 1k swim followed by a 55 minute heat prep session in the sauna. In the evening I did a short 2.5 mile recovery run at a slow pace.

On the bike project side of things, I’m experimenting with some mountain bike components on the tri bike. There seems to be a rapid rate of innovation in the MTB world, so it’s fun to play around with what they have.  I’ll be trying out a 9-46 cassette on my 1X 56t chainring to see how that works. Hopefully I’ll get that done by the end of next week.


this post is a part of the raceweight project, a “calories in, calories out” experiment to see if I can get to my racing weight eating mainly “bad” foods