New Ironman Boulder Bike Course 2018

Boulder 2018 has a new bike course. I think it will still be relatively fast, even though you have a few short, sharp climbs. Compared to previous years, there is less time spent on 36, and in 2018 you will descend Nelson road (FAST) instead of climbing it.

Here is the strava route and here is the GPX file. I made the turnaround on Hygiene road at a place which will make the course 112 miles, so let’s hope the organizers do the same! Also, here is the course in Best Bike Split, which as the name suggests, will allow you to predict your bike split.

Here is my summary of the new course:

  • start with out and back on diagonal – this will be flat and fast
  • west on Neva rd – slight uphill but still fast. Short kicker of a hill at the end
  • 36 to Nelson – rolling
  • Nelson eastbound – FAST – not technical but bring some extra balls since you may have a tailwind too.
  • St Vrain – gradual uphill with a kicker at the end
  • Hygiene eastbound – fast – road surface a little rough but not too bad
  • Hygiene westbound – gradual climb with a short kicker
  • 36 Hygiene rd to Lyons – quite fast and potential cross wind
  • 66 east – flat and fast – potential small debris from trucks
  • 75th, 73rd back to diagonal – fast and rolling

There are not really any technical sections – the time for good bike handling and confidence is on the Nelson and Hygiene eastbound sections, but they are not technical at all.

Finally, enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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