Using Enterprise Social Software in a time of economic crisis

This is a presentation I did this week at the Butler Group Enterprise Web 2.0 Strategies Event. The point of the presentation  is how to reduce costs in a time of crisis, but also don’t forget about innovating.

I’ve adapted the presentation to be shown online, with commentary on the slides where I would have been speaking.

I talk about 3 areas

  • Reducing costs (by saving on event costs, and market research costs)
  • Innovating (by providing an open and transparent way for people to share their ideas)
  • Productivity (which is a by-product of the others, but also increasing revenue for example with more effective sales teams)

The main point is that there are many benefits to enterprise social software, but to get a business investment you sometimes need to focus on a cost reduction, in order to justify the investment…


Monetary Meltdown Madness 2.0  

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: networkingsocial)

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2 thoughts on “Using Enterprise Social Software in a time of economic crisis

  1. Hi Steve – thanks for the positive feedback. The storytelling was a bit of an experiment… I agree it seems to go down quite well, especially with people who don’t live in “our world” but who would really benefit from understanding this stuff. I think I’m going to try and do this again for some other scenarios.

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