Twitter Business Cards

These days, if I’m attending an event related to social media or innovation, pretty much everyone there is on twitter. Therefore the only thing they need in order to contact me is my twitter name… so my cards now look a lot simpler. I also carry “normal” cards just in case but I’ve got a good reaction from these so far…

The first card shows the front, the second card shows the back… although they can be a bit confusing to people who are not familiar with twitter… 🙂

The cards were printed by Moo


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4 thoughts on “Twitter Business Cards

  1. Cool cards – less is more.

    I’ve added my @DT twitter handle to my small Moo blogger cards too. The MOO full size business cards are great too – they make it easy for you to put a proper explanation of what you do on the front/back. Excellent value.

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