The Analyst 3.0 has arrived

There is a small, select group of tech analysts (you know who you are) who represent the future of their industry. I’ve done analyst relations in different orgs for many years… and this last week I noticed how large this divide has become.

Most of these great analysts are the independents but there are also a handful working in the traditional larger analyst firms.

Forget “analyst 2.0” – these guys and girls are more like “analyst 3.0” (no idea what that means but I can assure you it’s better than “2.0”)

So what do they do differently? No specific pattern, but the chances are:

  • they probably use Twitter extensively in their research and communication
  • they don’t just use Twitter to pimp their own research
  • they tap directly into the customers and employees of the orgs that they work with. What’s the role of AR again?
  • they embed themselves in the world that they are analysing, meaning they have first hand experience not just theory.
  • they prioritise pragmatism over theory

My prediction on their industry – the large players need to wake up and realise what’s going on, or they will get left in the dust.

Note to software vendors… if you’re looking for great influence, great ideas, and analysis that will really make a difference to your business, don’t just assume that the Tier 1’s are the priority. I’d say the opposite is probably true.



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