Pizza Day 12 (final pizza day woooohoo!)

74.9kg – I thought the day would never come and I’d be eating pizza forever…!!!

But it did, final day of pizza is done, and now it’s onto the best/worst phase – beer! This is going to be tough for me since I don’t really drink a lot of beer. I’m reasonably sure that I can’t drink more than about 5 a day, which is less than 1500 calories. On the plus side, it will probably go quite fast… I really hope so, since I’ll be at a conference next week, and surviving on beer alone would be err… “interesting”. On the other hand, there is bound to be an abundance of beer at the event, so there is that. 

If you think about it, beer is basically liquid bread. So everything will be ok. Yeah right. 

To prepare for the next phase, I ended today with 3 beers at a cool spot called Rayback Collective here in Boulder, catching up with good friend Osman and Leah. By the way, if you want to move to Boulder, Osman is your man! He represented us during the home buying process and I can’t recommend him enough.

Totals 2,326 242 66 46

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