Looking for freelance Joomla web dev / designer

I’m looking for a freelance web deisgner with experience in Joomla, for a possible short term piece of work. If you know of anyone please leave a comment (which would be publicly visible and might also lead to other work for them), or if you want to send me a private message find me on twitter (robgray) or email me “rob” at, well, this domain.

Ideally I’d prefer to give the piece of work to a freelancer or someone that needs the work, rather than a design agency.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for freelance Joomla web dev / designer

  1. I am an experienced Joomla developer looking for work. I have design skills, project management skills, and I am a competent developer in PHP, HTML, SQL, Javascript.

    You can contact me via the contact form on my web site if you would like further information.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards, Ian.

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