How to export your contacts from Apple address book

I do love Apple’s design approach and the great quality of their devices, but the one downside of Apple in general is their lack of openness and the tendency to lock you in to Apple products. A prime example is the Apple address book, which makes it really difficult to get your contacts into another app. I wanted to export all my contacts into gmail, but apple address book doesn’t have the option to export to CSV (which would make it easy to export into gmail or outlook). Their are numerous tools available online, including one on the apple site that you have to pay $18 for. However, if you have Apple’s spreasheet app (Numbers) installed there is a VERY easy way to do this, and in fairness to Apple, they’ve done a great job at getting their apps to work together.

1. Open Numbers (The Mac spreadsheet app)
2. Open Address Book, select your contacts and drag them into an empty spreadsheet.
3. Voila! Now you can export them to csv, excel etc.

If you don’t have Numbers installed, there is also a freeware utility available at

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