Good example of email marketing

If you run email campaigns, this is a good example of how to structure a good email. Why?

They have managed to articulate their value proposition very clearly with no unnecessary waffle.

  • It articulates what their product (social software) could do (used as a strategic resource to create a new market and product category)
  • It provides some evidence to support their promise, in the form of a customer quote.
  • It’s targeted and the message is relevant to my role

My only critique would be that they could make a stronger connection to the business outcome that is created by this new way of working. If you click through to the full case study, the customer quote is expanded somewhat…

“Socialtext lets us drink from a steady stream of field insights about customer needs, perceptions and reactions. We now have fast, iterative learning cycles.”

This could be taken one step further i.e. what does a faster, iterative learning cycle mean for the business? For example, the real benefit that I see is that the marketing team can deliver products/services that are more relevant to their customers, resulting in increased sales and market share. That’s what would really get my attention. It’s all in there, but it may be worth calling out the ultimate business value upfront.

My critique aside, it should be noted that this is the only marketing mail that I’ve actually clicked on this week. I also find it interesting that they decided to send it on a weekend, which in actual fact is probably when I will have the time to read it.

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Hi Rob-

We thought you might like to see how technology company Echo360 used social software as a strategic resource to create a new market and product category:

“We now drink from a steady stream of field insights about what our customers need.”

— Mary Young, Director of Marketing, Echo360

You can read their story here: Echo360: Mobilizes their entire team in unison

We hope their story
is helpful to you as you explore how social software can make your own team more effective.

The Socialtext Team



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