I’m a USAT certified tri coach, specializing in long course events (mainly ironman and Ultraman). Get started below, or get in touch to send me a message. I also offer consults at $250 for an hour, or $750 to work with you on building out a comprehensive annual training plan.

Premium 1:1 Coaching $299 per month
This is a highly customized package where we continuously adapt your training plan, taking into account your specific goals, your life circumstances and how you respond to the training. This plan will help you to get the most out of your available time and reach your true potential, whether your goal is to qualify for Kona or to complete your first Ironman.

To get started just complete the steps below, or if you have more questions get in touch using the contact form.

  1. Carefully read & sign the waiver.
  2. Complete the Premium Coaching payment. You can cancel at any time.
  3. After payment you will then be directed to the next steps

Self coached option $100 per month
For self-coached athletes I offer a mentorship option of $100 per month. which gives you unlimited Q&A with me via email to help you with any questions to have with your training. With this option, I don’t plan, load or analyze your workouts, I just act as a mentor and help you as you go along your journey. To get started, just complete the payment and get in contact, that’s it!

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