I specialize in coaching athletes for long course endurance events (Ironman, Ultraman, Marathon, Endurance Cycling). Whether you are self-coached and just need occasional guidance, or in need of a fully customized plan, there is an option for you.

LevelCostWhat you get
Phone consult$250 one offSingle phone consult to discuss training, nutrition, race planning etc.
Metabolic Fuel test$450 one offComprehensive physiological analysis that will determine your individual fueling needs for racing. Can be done anywhere in the world. Power meter required.
Plan design only$750 one offPhysical baseline tests and one training plan that is handed over to you. (no ongoing coaching).
Self coached$100 per monthMonthly call to review training.
Basic coaching$305 per monthBasic plan with monthly adjustments.
1:1 coaching$550 per monthCustomized plan, adjusted weekly. Unlimited email communication. Includes 2 x metabolic fuel tests per year (value $900).
Executive coaching$1500 per monthUnlimited communication and plan adjustments. Two full days in person 1:1 per year, in Boulder or anywhere in the continental USA. Includes 4 x metabolic fuel tests per year (value $1800).

If you have any questions, get in touch to send me a message.

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