Back to the blogging grindstone!

They say that time flies when you’re having fun… well I was shocked to see the date of my own last blog post… In my defence it takes a lot of time and effort (and fun) working at a rapidly growing startup,  although at 2.5 years in the space of enterprise social networking, blueKiwi Software is a bit of a veteran it seems…

So now it’s back to the grindstone and I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up…

  • a few stories about ROI of Enterprise Social Networking… many people question the ROI but in my experience there is always an ROI story if you look in the right place. I’d recommend keeping an eye on Jon Mell’s blog posts on ROI as he talks about it quite a bit, and what I like about Jon is that he keeps things simple.
  • Some examples of how we use Enterprise Social Networking internally at blueKiwi Software. For example, we don’t send internal emails, and we don’t have an “Intranet”. This has a number of benefits and I’ll show some demos about how we use it.  Personally I think normal Intranets are (in general) pretty useless so I will be blogging a little about the death of the Intranet as we know it.
  • If time (or if demand), I’ll blog about some experiences of setting up a business from scratch in a new country. Although blueKiwi Software was quite well established in France, we pretty much did everything from scratch in the UK, but were able to accelerate this based on learnings from our French parents. This is actually one of the core benefits of Enterprise Social Software… that new subsidiaries/franchises can be set up more effectively because the learning curve is dramatically reduced (there is a whole wealth of knowledge to tap into prior to getting going).

Au Revoir!

**rob gray**

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